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We are moving Blueprint's documentation to a brand new website within the following weeks. This documentation website will phase out in the future.

about this feature

When installing extensions, Blueprint needs to know a lot of things about an extension before it can start doing file operations. For this reason, every single extension is required to have a "conf.yml" file to inform Blueprint about what it should do with your extension.


Options for information about your extension. name The display name of your extension.
identifier Used for folder trees, routers, view names and more. Identifier may only contain a-z lowercase characters and must be unique to other extensions.
description Describe your extension. This shows on the admin page of your extension.
flags Optional configuration string to apply advanced flags to your extensions. Learn more about flags.
version The version of your extension.
target The target version is compared to the currently installed version of Blueprint on installation. If this is not the same Blueprint will warn the user about your extension possibly not being able to function correctly.
author The spot to put you or your team's name. Planned to be required once fully implemented.
icon File path to your extension's icon. Must be a PNG, JPG or JPEG.
website URL to your extension's website.


Options for your admin page. view Path to your admin view.
controller Path to your custom admin view controller.
css Add custom css to the Pterodactyl admin panel, provide the path to your .css file here.
wrapper Path to html you want to add to the Pterodactyl admin dashboard layout.


Options for interacting with the Pterodactyl dashboard. wrapper Path to html you want to add to the Pterodactyl client dashboard wrapper.
css Add custom css into the Pterodactyl client panel, provide the path to your .css file here.


Options for data folders. directory Path to your data directory.
public Path to your public directory.


Options for database-related things. migrations Path to your migrations folder.
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