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We are moving Blueprint's documentation to a brand new website within the following weeks. This documentation website will phase out in the future.

about this feature

Flags allow for enabling/disabling possibly advanced features that don't have their own option in your conf.yml file. Multiple flags must be seperated with comma's.

feature-specific flags

Flags to enable/disable specific things regarding existing features.
ignorePlaceholders Skip applying placeholders. This improves installation speed for extensions with a lot of files, but is generally not recommended.
ignoreAlphabetPlaceholders Skip applying alphabet (a-z, _) placeholders. This is automatically disabled when placeholders are disabled.

advanced flags

Advanced features that can only be enabled through flags.
hasInstallScript Right before the installation completes, extensions with this flag will be able to run a bash script. This script must be called "" and be in the root of your data directory.

developer flags

Development-related flags that only have an effect when using developer commands to manage your extension.
developerIgnoreInstallScript Ignore the custom extension installation script when installing your extension through developer commands.
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