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We are moving Blueprint's documentation to a brand new website within the following weeks. This documentation website will phase out in the future.

about this feature

Placeholders allow extensions to easily get information from each and every file in their extension, preventing the need to ask users for the Pterodactyl installation path for example.

static information

General information that can be retreived through placeholders, that don't change by themselves.
^#version#^ Version defined in conf.yml.
^#author#^ Author defined in conf.yml.
^#identifier#^ Identifier defined in conf.yml.
^#name#^ Display name defined in conf.yml.

variable information

Information that might be different between different host machines, installation methods, etc.
^#path#^ The path to the host's Pterodactyl installation folder. You should always use this placeholder instead of guessing a common folder location.
^#datapath#^ Path to your extension's data directory. To keep your extension from breaking in the future, it's always a good idea to use this placeholder instead of guessing.
^#installmode#^ Information about how the extension was installed. Is "normal" when the extension has been installed normally and "developer" when the extension was installed through developer commands.
^#blueprintversion#^ Blueprint version that installed/built your extension.
Last modified 27d ago