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Frequently Asked Questions

We are moving Blueprint's documentation to a brand new website within the following weeks. This documentation website will phase out in the future.


Why use Blueprint?

Developers Blueprint allows you to make Pterodactyl development easier. We provide a growing library of documentation and guides, offer development tools and we're open source.
Administrators Blueprint is faster at installing extensions than you are. Extensions install within seconds and have their own page on your admin panel where you can configure them.

Where can I download Blueprint?

Download Blueprint on GitHub, PterodactylMarket, sourceXchange or BuiltByBit.

How to create extensions?

Where can I find extensions?

Developers can publish extensions where they want. We have a list with most (if not all) extensions for Blueprint on

How to install extensions?

Upload the <extension-identifier>.blueprint file to your Pterodactyl directory and run blueprint -install <extension-identifier>.

How to update extensions?

Install an extension like you normally would. If Blueprint detects that the extension is already installed, it will update it instead of installing it again. Note that some files might be left behind as Blueprint is unable to keep track of all files.


How do I enable developer mode?

Go to the Blueprint configuration page on your admin panel, navigate your way to the "Developer Mode" option and set it to "Enabled"

What is the URL of my extension's admin page?

All extensions have their own admin page. You can store documentation or configuration options here. You can visit your extension's admin page by selecting your extension in the extensions menu or going to <domain>/admin/extensions/<identifier> (replace <domain> with your domain and <identifier> with your extension's identifier).

Where is the data directory for extensions stored?

Extension data is stored at .blueprint/data/extensions/<identifier>. You shouldn't use this path in your extensions, use the datapath placeholder instead.
Last modified 27d ago