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We are moving Blueprint's documentation to a brand new website within the following weeks. This documentation website will phase out in the future.
In most cases, upgrading Blueprint is the quickest and easiest way of fixing problems that are caused by bugs or rogue extensions.

Extension did not install correctly

[FATAL] '..' is a required configuration option. This indicates the extension you are installing is missing a required option in it's conf.yml file.
[FATAL] The extension identifier should be lowercase and only contain characters a-z. Identifiers can only contain the following characters: "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" and must be lowercase.
[FATAL] extension.blueprint could not be found. Blueprint could not find the .blueprint extension file. Please make sure to upload your extension file into your Pterodactyl folder.
[FATAL] Upgrading extension has failed due to missing essential .store files. Extension upgrading happens when you are installing an extension that is already installed. When this error occurs, Blueprint might be unable to find older values that need to be replaced. This is to prevent duplicates in multiple files and allows extensions to be uninstalled.

Upgrading failed

Blueprint automatically recovers your file after a failed upgrade. Failed upgrades might happen due to one or more of the following reasons:
  • Upgrading while having insufficient permissions.
  • Upgrading without an internet connection.
  • Syntax errors in the updated file.
  • Borked or unsupported Linux installation.
  • Attempting an automatic upgrade with non-default Pterodactyl folder installation while being on versions released before alpha-VKL.
After a failed upgrade your installation might be put in a broken state. Wait for a newer release, try again or reinstall Blueprint manually.
Last modified 27d ago